Monday, 28 May 2012

My Tummy and My Kitchen

My name is Susie. I'm 23 years old and from Suffolk in England. I moved to Sendai, Japan in November last year with my boyfriend, John. If you want to hear more about our lives here, check out my other blog,

We both love eating cooking, and so I have decided to set up a second blog about our cooking and eating habits. I'm hoping to include recipes for all our old favourites, share cooking experiments, give links to some great online recipes and give alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients.

We tend to use recipes (usually from the internet) as a basis for our cooking, but we aren't too fussy about sticking to them closely.

What we cook:
We like trying to make new foods of all kinds. We generally prefer Asian food, but cook food from all over the place. I also love to make cakes. We're not vegetarians, but we generally prefer to use vegetables and beans over meat. We eat lots of healthy food, but we usually eat too much of it. I eat far too much chocolate and cake.

Where we cook:
We live in a tiny apartment. The kitchen looks like this...

...and that's it. 

2 hobs, a microwave, a sink. In the main room of our apartment, we have a small table that has to suffice for all surface space. We also have a combined bread maker and rice cooker, which fulfills our oven needs.

Our somewhat cramped cooking space doesn't limit what we cook, and is continuously making us more creative on how to make our favourite meals. 

So, without further ado, it's time for our Tummy Tales to begin!

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