Saturday, 5 January 2013

Great British Bake Off Challenge

I'm currently back at home for a few months, having left Japan and waiting until I know what university I'm going to go to in the autumn. Like most of the country, I am rather addicted to The Great British Bake Off, and, like the two years before, really enjoyed last years series (although Brendon, smug git that he was, did deserve to win and Ryan was a complete idiot). So, with some spare time on my hands, and having an oven again (hurrah!), I have decided to work my way through as many Great British Bake Off challenges as I can.
Since there are some I don't actually like, I'm not promising to make all of them, but once I get going, my stubborness will probably mean that I do make them all!

To start me off, here's a list of all the technical challenges. Series 1 is definitely a lot simpler, I've made most of them before, but it'll be fun to give them all another go. They get a bit more dodgy as they head through series 2 into 3, but I'll give it all a go, and I promise to post all my results on here, however awful! I'm not going to cook them in order, but will bake the ones I feel like or have time for, whenever!

Series 1
Cakes: Victoria Sandwich
Biscuits: Scones
Bread: Easy White Bread
Puddings: Souffle
Pastry: Cornish Pasty

Series 2
Cakes: Coffe and Walnut Battenburg
Tarts: Tart au citron
Bread: Foccacia
Biscuits: Brandy Snaps
Pies: Pork Pies with Quails Eggs
Desserts: Chocolate Roulade Completed (blog post) 7th April 
Patisserie: Iced Fingers
Final: Sachertorte

Series 3
Cakes: Rum Babas
Bread: 8 Stranded Plaited Loaf
Tarts: Treacle Tart  Completed 5th Jan
Desserts: Creme Caramel
Pies: Hand-raised Chicken and Bacon Pie
Puddings: Queen of Puddings
Sweet Dough: Jam Doughnuts
Biscuits: Chocolate Teacakes
Patisserie: Frasier Cake
Final: Fondant Fancies

So, that's my list! I started today, with the treacle tart. More about that tomorrow!

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