Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Foodie Penpals

This was my second month taking part in the fantastic Foodie Penpals, organised by Carol Anne over at Any scheme that means I get a lovely parcel of food delivered through the post is a fab one by my reckoning!

This month I sent my parcel to London based Italian Lucia over at, a fantastic blog with loads of ways to make your favourite foods a little bit healthier! She's on holiday in Spain at the moment (lucky her!), but I'm sure she'll do a post when she gets back!

My parcel came from Karolina, who is also in London. I kept it really vague, and my only stipulations were that I didn't want tea, coffee or any ready made sauces! But despite my lack of information, she managed to send me a fantastic parcel!

Here it is, in its full arrival glory! 

Inside were (clockwise from top left):
Chilli Spaghetti - I don't often cook pasta, but whenever I do I wonder why I don't more often! Hopefully this will inspire me to cook it more, since I love anything with chilli in it!
Raw Senses Enticing Pecan Truffles - These are from a new brand Karolina is setting up, everything raw, vegan and gluten free. They were gorgeously chocolatey. I hope the company gets going soon so I can have some more!
Almond filled Dates - Dates are one of my absolute favourites at the moment, and these ones are delicious. The almond inside really sets them off beauuuutifully! I had to fight off my Mum, Dad and boyfriend for these!
Peter's Yard Crispbread - I snuck one of these as soon as I opened the parcel. They are tasty enough to munch by themselves, as well as being delicious with cheese and chutney!
Cuttlefish Coated Green Peas - I must admit that I haven't been quite brave enough to try these yet! Karolina said she recently went to Nepal and these were a favourite treat there. They sound very interesting, but I'll be making my boyfriend try them before I dare!!

Thank you Karolina for a fantastic parcel, and Thank you too Carol Anne for continuing to organise such a fab programme.

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