Friday, 21 September 2012

Bento No.32, Hummus and Dippers

My parents have been visiting me in Japan for the last couple of weeks, and we've been having a lovely time exploring some of the areas around Sendai that I like the most. Obviously, that includes several of my favourite restaurants, but we spent several days in the countryside, and I got to introduce them to bentos! My Dad was very dubious about the idea of decorating your food, but even he couldn't resist a smile when he saw some of the cute lunches I made for him, and my Mum was a convert from the start! 

Left hand box: Homemade hummus, decorated with cucumber name, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes
Right hand box: Spicy curry peanuts, lettuce, cheese rabbit, homemade pita breads

Mum and Dad enjoying their bento boxes in a park at the end of our walk!