Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bento No.31, Sakura Onigiri Bento

This week I've been getting really excited about my parent's this time tomorrow they'll be on their way, and by this time on friday we'll all be together in a hut near Mount Fuji!! Hurrah!! Because we're going camping, I've been getting lots of food bits together to take with us, so most of my meals this week have been rushed affairs. However, yesterday I decided that I would prettify my lunch because, after all, it only takes a few minutes, and it's nice! 

I've been eyeing up the quails eggs in the supermarket for a while now, and finally got round to buying them this week. I was impressed with how tasty they are, and they're so bento friendly. They'll definitely be on my shopping list more often in the future! 

Left (top) box: Ginger tuna soboro, cheese flower, cucumber, pumpkin with cumin, Daikon flower, quails eggs, nori flowers, small pink ball of jelly (wrapped in what is effectively a balloon, this was a gift from my Japanese tutor!)
Right (bottom) box: Sushi rice onigiri with nori

Close up on the flower. I've been meaning to play about with sesame seeds on flowers for ages, and although they were a bit of a faff, I think they make it look a lot posher!!

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