Friday, 28 September 2012

Bento No.33, Thanks Mum!

On the last day my parents were here, my lovely Japanese tutor invited us all to her house for a delicious lunch. We all ate far more than was good for us, and so before I headed off to work I asked Mum to make sure there were a few salad bits in the fridge for when I got in. Well, she outdid herself, and made me this gorgeous bento! It was lovely to have someone make me a bento for a change! 

Top tier: Lettuce, tomato, edamame and cucumber salad (I added a bit of ranch dressing before I ate it)
Bottom tier: Ham and egg, with ham and cucumber letters, koala yummies (biscuits filled with chocolate)


  1. Not quite as pretty as some of yours but not too bad for a first attempt! And just what was needed after a big lunch.

  2. Not bad at all, I'll let you do a guest post of the ones you make with your new box now you're back home :) xxxxx