Friday, 5 October 2012

Bento No.36, Sashimi and Sweets

I got called into work last minute the other night, and what with that and then a Japanese lesson the next morning, I didn't have much time to make a bento. Luckily, John had picked up a lot of sashimi the night before from the supermarket, so that made the basis for a tasty, simple lunch! Some people might be funny about raw fish in a box you're going to leave out for a few hours, but I'm fairly lax with food hygiene and it's not that hot here now anyway.

Top box: Tuna and miscellaneous other types of sashimi, on a bed of shredded daikon
Bottom box: Cucumber, tomato and lettuce salad, with ranch dressing (in blue pot)

This might look like a very very healthy lunch...but I have a confession to make! I don't know if it's the time of year, or because I've been feeling a bit ill, but this last week I have just eaten and eaten and eaten! I'm constantly hungry and have been eating like an absolute pig! I knew this bento alone wouldn't fill me up in my current mood, so alongside it, I bought a nikuman (steamed dumpling) and took this dessert bento. I tried to make it fairly healthy, and it was oh so yummy!

Satsuma, Peach jelly, Bounty chocolate bar, Raisins

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