Monday, 1 October 2012

Bento No.34, Bean and Rice Burgers

The other night, John was cooking dinner, and veggie burgers were on the menu. I asked him to make enough mixture for bentos the next day too, and when I tried them I was very glad I had. They were DELICIOUS! The original recipe was for adzuki bean, sun-dried tomato and millet burgers, but we substituted the millet for rice, and changed the herbs around a bit. They weren't like traditional burgers at all, but I've been craving them over and over again since we made it!

For my bento, I'd thought there was more mixture left than there was, so when I put the burgers and veggies in, there was loads of space left. Luckily, a quick search round my room found me lots of little bits and bobs to fill it up with. I loved the variety that it gave me, and mean to try to do more bentos with lots of variety when I have time!

Rice and Adzuki Bean Burgers (recipe below), Broccoli, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Satsuma, Ketchup (in small green tub), little chilli biscuits, half a cereal bar, small 60% cocoa chocolate

Rice and Adzuki Bean Burgers (Makes enough for 2, with some leftovers for the next day)
Adapted from Veggies on the Counter

3 cups Cooked Rice
60g Sun-Dried Tomatoes (in oil or dry)
400g Adzuki Beans (canned or cooked)
3 Cloves of Garlic
Oil (sun-dried tomato oil is best, but olive would do too)
 ½ tsp Salt
Black Pepper
1tsp basil (or sub with other herbs of  your choice)

1. If using dry tomatoes, put them in a bowl with hot water and leave to rehydrate for about 15 minutes.
2. Chop garlic and fry in a bit of the olive oil until golden brown.
3. Chop tomatoes and drain beans.
4. Put half each of the rice, tomatoes and beans and all the garlic in a blender. Add about a tablespoon of oil,  the salt and pepper and herbs. Blend until it makes a smooth paste. Add more liquid if necessary (oil or water; oil will be tastier, water healthier!)
5. Mix the rest of the ingredients into the paste. Pulse once or twice in the blender.
6. Slightly oil your hands and shape the mixture into burger patties.
6. Heat up some oil in a frying pan, and fry the burgers until they're browned (about 5 minutes on each side)
7. Serve with veggies of your choice. 

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