Friday, 31 August 2012

Bento No.30, Cute but Boring Pooh Bears

John went away for work for a few days, so I treated myself to a naughty breakfast: Welsh Cakes. They're really yummy, and are perfect for a special breakfast, alongside a glass of orange juice or even a smoothie. While cutting them out, my eyes fell on the Pooh Bear cutter I bought last week, and I decided to try it out. They worked perfectly, I was so happy with them! So, they had to go in the bento I was making that day, along with their friends! I hadn't really thought about this bento beforehand, and food stocks are running short, so it's actually fairly boring to eat. Ahh well, at least it looked cute! 

Left tier: Boiled carrots with cumin, edamame and peas, tamagoyaki
Middle Tier: Rice with cheese decorations
Right tier: Pooh Bear shaped Welsh Cakes

All packed in my new bear bento box, of course!  

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