Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bento No.21, Evening Relaxation

My work schedule is erratic, to say the least, so bentos serve lots of purposes. Some are lunch at work, some are picnics before work, some are dinner at work in the evening, and some are just because it's nice to know dinner will be on the table when you arrive home at 10pm. This bento was one of the latter. John wanted a bento to take to work, and I knew that I'd never be bothered to cook for myself. It was so nice to be able to crash in front of my computer and not have to think, as soon as I got in! 

It might not be the prettiest, or the most exciting bento, but it was yummy, and certainly filled a hole! I had a bit of a rice nightmare...put it on to cook them promptly forgot about it while packing for our trip to Tokyo. About 40 mins later my cooker started beeping at me because it got too hot, and I had raaaather crispy rice! I salvaged the bit from the middle, and cooked some sweet potatoes to fill up the extra space. A fortunate mistake in the end, because the sweet potatoes were yum! 

Top tier: Cherry tomatoes, Brocolli, Tamagoyaki, Miso aubergine/eggplant
Bottom tier: Sweet potato (boiled, then drained and readded to the pan with a little oil and cumin and fried until a little crispy), rice with spicy curry peanuts

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