Monday, 27 August 2012

Bento No.24, Traffic Light Panda

Since being in Japan, I have developed a panda problem. You can get I have a panda watch, panda lego, a panda iphone case, a panda onigiri maker and panda picks. I first saw this panda bento box a few months ago, and have been lusting after it ever since. But it's really a bit too small for an adults lunch (only 500ml), so I decided it wasn't worth the ¥900 price tag and I left it. But I still go back again and again to all the shops I know that sell bento making supplies, just to check they haven't got anything new. And last week, when I went into a supermarket near one of my schools, I saw my lovely panda bento on half price. So, obviously, I succumbed! And then made a cute panda bento just the next day.

Just look how lovely it is! 

...with cute paw print chopsticks.

The top box is 300ml, and fit in a lovely little "traffic light" red, yellow and green lunch for me. Cucumber, edamame, tamagoyaki, yellow cherry tomatoes, frankfurter and red pepper.

 The bottom box is 200ml, and just about fits in enough rice. Embellished with a panda face, of course!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this box. Neither of the seals are particularly watertight, but they fit well enough. And I was surprised that I managed to fit enough food in it to fill me up. Definitely would have been a good buy even at full price, and I'm very happy I could get it at just ¥450!