Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bento No.10, The Three Bears

For today's bento, I had some tasty tasty jumbalaya to use up (recipe here). It wasn't actually that great as a bento item...not that pretty and not nearly as tasty cold as I'd hoped. Instead of just leaving it as a boring box, I decided to utilise the random bits of salad in my fridge, along with the cutters I've recently bought, to make a Goldilocks and the Three Bears bento! It's not great, and looks a lot like a child made it, but I was pleased with it as a first attempt of a decorated bento!

Decorations made using red pepper, cucumber, cabbage and sweetcorn.

This half by itself looks a lot less childish I think! I like the grass (made using the top of a tulip cutter).

There wasn't space in John's box for a goldilocks, so the bears made another friend instead! 

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