Monday, 30 July 2012

Bento No.16, Buzzing Bees

For the last 8 years, my Dad has kept bees in the garden. When he first suggested it, I was not happy at all. I thought they'd mean I could never relax in the garden again, and I'd get stung every other day. However, despite the odd stressful moment (such as when a whole hive of bees swarmed when I was alone in the house), all our family has actually loved having the bees there. Not only is the honey itself delicious, but their pollination makes all the fruit trees and flowers in our garden go crazy, meaning lots more plums, pears and apples for us, and a very beautiful garden. 

 Obviously I can't reap the rewards this year, but I still hear all about the bees whenever I speak to my Dad, and our family obsession with all things bee continues! So when I saw this bento, making bees from tamagoyaki, I knew I had to give it a shot! I wanted to have them on a blue rice sky, but the red cabbage didn't co-operate, so I added a little vinegar, and made purple-y pink rice flowers for them to bus around instead! Mine aren't nearly as cute as the ones from that link, but I was fairly pleased as a first attempt! 

Purple rice flowers, dyed with red cabbage water and vinegar
Tamagoyaki bees with cucumber and nori decoration
Miso aubergine
Cherry tomatoes

 I ran out of time to make this bento with bees, but I was still pleased with how neatly and colourful it turned out. I think I actually prefer it to the one above! 

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