Friday, 20 July 2012

Bento No.11, Pasta Love

After my messy bento effort yesterday, I decided a quick trip to the ¥100 shop was in order, to stock up on supplies! I'm so lucky to be living in Japan while I'm learning how to make bentos. All the things I need to help make lunches cute and pretty are readily and cheaply available. It's great! On my trip yesterday, I bought some more picks, a smiley face nori punch, some cute onigiri moulds and these awesome letter cutters...

...which I obviously played with as soon as I got home!

The letters they make are tiny, but so cute, and perfect for bentos! The cutters are surprisingly tough too. So obviously I had to use them for today's bento! I started out by writing 'yum yum', but then got distracted by the teeny cute hearts that my cutters also make, and made this into a heart themed bento. I do love food, so I suppose it ties in well! 

Cherry tomatoes
Spaghetti carbonara, with frankfurters and brocolli
Pepper, cucumber and frankfurter decoration

John said he wanted another bears themed lunch today. I'd already written yum yum for his too when he decided this, but I still managed to fit plenty of bears in there for him! 

I had a little spare time on my hands, so I made the outside cute too! 

It all stayed intact until lunchtime, which I was very happy with! The top left is where the chopsticks are supposed to go, but a few Welsh Cakes fitted in perfectly! 

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