Monday, 23 July 2012

Bento No.12, You Are A Star

Today I had lots of time on my hands, and bento toys that were as yet unplayed with, so I decided to go to town on John's bento! I found every star related bento item I have, and used then all somewhere along the way. I'd been dying to try out making the tomato stars for ages, but the 'petals' didn't stick out as well as the other ones I've seen photos of. Maybe I need smaller cuts or different tomatoes. I love love LOVE the tuna soboro that I used to make the 'sky' and to fill my onigiri. It's so easy and delicious. There's a link to the recipe below. 

Negimiso green beans
Cherry Tomatoes
Rice onigiri
Cucumber and nori decoration

By the time I'd done all this to John's bento, we were both hungry for our lunch, so I didn't do much to mine. I'd planned a panda themed one, but other than cover it with panda picks and make my onigiri bear shaped, I didn't get very far, so no photo I'm afraid. I'll have another go at a panda one soon, because everyone loves pandas! 


  1. Hi Susie, I think you are a star. Your bento looks great and delicious